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A Horible Night In An Old House. A Real Paranormal Story

This is an real story which took place with my friend Amjad. He told me this story a few days ago. I asked him that I want to write this in my blog. First he refused but I keep asking him, finally I got the permission.
If you have any paranormal activity related words, send me. I will post them in the blog. Now he will tell you the story:

My name is Amjad. Basically I am from Afghanistan but now a days I am living in Iran. This incident took place with me 2 years ago. I  was jobeless, therefore I had been looking for a good job for many days. On November 8 2011, I went for an interview at 2:00 PM. This was a well reputaed company. I was happy because it was a fine interview. I was thinking that I will get the job. My family members were living in Afghanistan and I was here with my uncle.
Who were they in that house. A Real Paranormal Story
A Horrible House
    After the interview I went to the beach. I spent more time there to make my mood good. Today as I was very happy therefore I spent a greater time there. Last night I did not sleep well due to the tension about my interview. When I laid down on the beach I was feeling like I am on my bed. It was 7:00 PM. People were going back to their homes. I naped there. I took a short sleep. When I woke up it was 12:20 AM. I was very suprised. I did not realized how I slept here and why no one awoken me. Usually the gaurds working here rings the bell on 8 and close this area. I thought I was laid down there for may be they did not see me. 
    Cold wind was making me shivering. There was no one here. I was feeling very strange. I got up and took my stuff. The main gate was closed. My cell phone was also off due to low battery. I checked if there was some one who could help me. I saw a man on a chair about 10 meters away from the gate. He was the gaurd. I went near him. He was looking near 40. He saw me and said, "What are you doing here? I told him what happened. He said, "Ok but how will you go back, do you have any convence." I said, "No, but I will try to find any taxi or take a lift." He said, "There was a crime scene in the evening at the bus stop. Police has closed all routes. You will not find any transport till morning." 
Who were they in that house. A Real Paranormal Story
Beach at night
    I was very upset. I asked him, "What I should do now? He said, "I can help you. There is an old house up on the hill. It is very old and wrecked. No one lives there. You stay tonight in that house and take a taxi in the morning." He pointed at the house on the hill. It was very dark. I could not see clearly but I felt a fear in my heart. Because the house far enougn and it was displaying a horrible scence. 
    I asked him if there is not any other place. He laughed and said, "You are a young man. Don't be afraid. Its a fine place I have spent many nights there. You will find a bed and a blanket in one of the upper rooms. There is also a lamp in that room." I had no option and it was very cold. I thanked him and started walking towards the hill. The moon was shining on the sky. There were black clouds which sometimes covered the moon. 
    I reached at the house. It was very old and broken. The door was not looked but just closed. Outside there was a barrel chair. I felt as someone is sitting on it. But I saw no one there. I entered in the house. It was really an old one. There were old stuff like a table and some chairs in the hall. I found three rooms and a kitchen in the ground floor. All of them were not in condition to live. I was walking towards the stairs for the upper floor. I felt as someone was coming behind me. Suddenly I turned around. My heart was beating so fast but there was no one. I said to my self there is no one don't be afraid. I was trying to make myself relax. The house was dark inside. But the moonlight coming through the window was making something visible. I was feeling as some one was or some were in this house. It was a big house. 
    The upper floor contained four rooms. I searched for the room that the gaurd said about. It was really a very old bed placed in one of the rooms. A broken cupboard was placed in front of the bed and two chairs near the window. There was an old oil lamp on the table. It contained some oil as the gaurd said he came here often may be he poured in it. A match box was placed near it. I burned the lamp. Now I was relaxed. I closed the door of the room firmly. I was feeling very tired as I laid down on the bed. The yellow light of the lamp was not so bright but it was enough to make me relax.
Who were they in that house. A Real Paranormal Story
Old house inside.
   Soon I fell in sleep. I had a short sleep. A saw a nightmare. My heart was beating very fast on waking up. I heard a noise from the ground floor as some people are talking to each other. I was very frightened. I was thinking to go down or not. The noise stopped. I got up and checked if the door is closed closed firmly. So that no one could come here. I looked out of the window. The gaurd's chair was very far from this house. I could not see him clearly but I was feeling as he was not there. I sat on the floor. Again I felt some voices from the ground floor. This time it was some much clear. A women was talking to a man. Both voices were not very clear.
    I decided to take a look from the balcony. I prayed to God and opened the door of the room slowly. I came out of the room and start walking slowly towards the stairs. Before the stairs the wall was small so that I could see the lower floor from there. I was very nervous. I tried to watch more clearly beacause it was very dark. I saw a woman in the hall near the table. A man was sitting on the chair. Both were talking very angrily.
    Due to the wind I could not hear them clearly. I tried to concentrate on what they are saying. The woman said, "You don't trust on me. I love you, there was no one here." The man said, "No! I know Kamran comes here in my absence.You have an affair with him. What you think I am a fool. I swear I will kill you or I kill him." She said," I am your wife. You should give me divorce, If you think I am not for you."
    He said, "Thats what you want. You want a divorce. Because you want to marry him. Ok I give you the divorce just wait here." He went in the room and braught a gun. She cried," What you want to do. Ok kill me, I want to die. Kill me." The man was very upset and he shot the girl in the head. I was very shocked. I was thinking of getting out of here I don't know who these people were. And the man shot himself too on his head. Both of them died. I was locked, I cannot move from my position due to fear. I gradually stood up. I could not saw their faces clearly due to darkness.The woman stood up. I was suprised how she can be alive. Her head was bleeding. She shouted loudly, "I hate men. I kill you." She looked at me and said, "I kill you." I was shivering, I managed to ran towards the room, closed the door firmly and dragged the cupboard on the door.
    I heard a sound as some one was coming up, my body was not in my control, I was shivering with fear. I backed my self on the corner of the room. Suddenly some one was hitting the door very strongly. I heard that woman's voice, "I will kill you, you are a bad man." This time the voice was very heavy and unusual. At once, I lost control of my nerves. I was shivering with fear. She was continuesly hitting the door. I thought what will happen if she came to me. I opend the window and watched out there was no one outside. As she broke the door I saw her eyes were red and bleeding, she had a knife in her hand. She was staring me and coming slowly towards me. The only thing that I could do at that time, which I did was I jumped down from the window. I became delirous. My eyes closed, I saw blackness, I thought as I was died.
    When I woke up, I found my self on a bed in a hospital. My uncle and cousins were sitting around me. They were happy to see me fine. They recieved a call from the Police Station. Someone had found me injured on the beach and reported the police. After a few moments an officer came and asked me what hapened? I told him about the house and the people. Everyone was suprised. He said,"About 13 years ago Mr. Saleem owned that house. There were two murders in his house. He killed his wife and himself. People found some paranormal activities there after a year from their death, there for no one goes there. And not any gaurd have duty on night at that beach." He asked me about how that gaurd looked like. I told him his costume. He went back and came after an hour and showed me a photo. He asked, "Do you know him?". I said, "Yes he is the gaurd I saw last night." He was suprised and said," He is Saleem." I was shocked.
   I wish God save me from going on that place again.



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